Cheesy Smash Burger Recipe

½ cup (70 g) butter ½ small onion, finely chopped 3 oz (90 g) serrano ham, finely chopped ½ cup (70 g) wheat flour 2 cups (500 ml) milk Salt and pepper to taste


Prepare your Instant Pot by placing the stainless steel inner pot and pressing Saute for 3 Minutes. Cook onions and ham in butter until fragrant. 

Add flour and cook for an additional 3 Minutes, then pour in milk, whisking to remove lumps. Cook until thickened, adjusting seasoning. 

Transfer the mixture into a cling wrap-lined container to prevent film formation. Refrigerate for a few hours or overnight until set. 

Once firm, cut the mixture into desired shapes. Dredge in flour, dip in beaten egg, and coat with breadcrumbs. 

Freeze the coated croquettes until completely solid, ensuring they don't stick together. 

Preheat your Instant Vortex by pressing Air Fry, setting the time to 6 Minutes, and temperature to 395ºF (200ºC). Press Start when ready. 

Add the oiled croquettes to the basket when prompted. Flip halfway through cooking for an even crust. Adjust time for desired crispiness. Serve hot.