Christmas Meatballs With Garlic Bread

½ tsp fresh thyme, minced 1 tsp garlic powder ⅓ cup butter room temperature 1 ½ tsp Parmesan cheese grated 1 baguette, sliced ¾ lb ground beef ¾ lb ground pork ⅓ cup onion, grated 1 egg ¼ cup milk


½ tbsp salt ½ tsp black pepper 1 tsp liquid smoke ¼ tsp allspice ¼ cup breadcrumbs ½ tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce 1 cup Ajvar Spread Salt, as needed Black pepper, as needed 1 tbsp fresh cilantro, minced


Prepare a delectable blend of thyme, Parmesan, and garlic butter, infusing rich flavors into the bread slices for an enticing start. 

Craft a savory meatball mixture with a fusion of ground beef, pork, and aromatic spices, forming delectable orbs of flavor with each bite. 

Utilize precise timing and temperature settings to ensure optimal cooking, achieving golden-brown perfection in each batch of meatballs. 

Elevate the dining experience by pairing the succulent meatballs with a zesty Ajvar spread, enhanced with Worcestershire sauce for an added depth of flavor. 

Embrace the art of multitasking, synchronizing the cooking of meatballs and garlic bread to orchestrate a harmonious culinary symphony. 

Master the technique of broiling, coaxing out the irresistible aroma and crispy texture of garlic bread, tantalizing the senses with each bite. 

Culminate the culinary masterpiece with a garnish of fresh cilantro, adding a vibrant touch to the dish before presenting it to eager diners.